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Irrigation lobby seeking to redefine “independence”

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Media Release

6th December 2010

Fair Water Use (Australia)

Irrigation lobby seeking to redefine “independence”

Following release of the Guide to the draft Basin Plan, there has been a range of claims from irrigator groups and others which appear to question the independence of the Murray-Darling Authority and CSIRO; lobby groups seemingly intent on portraying these statutory bodies as no less than a mob of rabid conservationists.

The irrigation lobby is now utilising Orwellian Newspeak to promote its agenda: Andrew Green, Chief Executive of the South Australian Citrus Board, demanding that funding be made available to irrigator groups to enable them to draft their “independent” assessment of the Guide.

In an attempt to make it more palatable to some vested interests, the proposed Basin Plan already contains compromises which the Authority admits will condemn the health of the river to an uncertain future: putting at risk the nation’s most vital river system in a well-meaning but misguided attempt to reduce short term economic impacts.

It is the ultimate paradox that those who seek further softening or scrapping of the Basin Plan are the very groups who, in time, stand to lose the most from such actions.

Authorised by:

Ginny Brown

Media Coordinator