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No increase to GST if these Senate crossbenchers have their way

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Media Release - No increase to GST if these Senate crossbenchers have their way

Low-tax crossbenchers Senator Bob Day (Family First, SA) and Senator David Leyonhjelm (Liberal Democrats, NSW) today declared their strong opposition to a 50% increase in the GST, as has been mooted by the NSW Premier on Monday.

“Any such a proposal should be put to voters and we know what they’ll say - we don’t want to pay more tax. We pay enough. The States, Territories and Feds should stop wasting our money.”

“If the Federal Government wants to give income taxing powers to the States and keep the GST, that’s fine - there’s no net tax increase in that. However, this talk of a 15% Goods and Services Tax will not result in a net lower tax bill.”

“Governments will simply keep growing to the size of the new revenue pool. It happens every time.”

The graph (pictured below) demonstrates that since the Whitlam Labor era, successive governments of either type have kept growing government spending.

22 July 2015

“Families, households, individuals already pay enough tax for the services of government, some $385 billion a

year - yet the government spends $420 billion a year, they have to cut their cloth like everyone else. We


the major parties the way last November

in how to reduce duplication, blame-shifting and unnecessary spending.

That’s the pathway to more money for vital health services, as well as the way to Budget surplus.”



Ellinghausen, SMH