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Korea talks focus on international science collaboration

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Korea talks focus on international science collaboration 17 October 2015 Assistant Minister for Science Karen Andrews will showcase Australia’s science

capabilities and commitment to international collaboration on a global stage this

week during a visit to the Republic of Korea.

Mrs Andrews will attend the OECD Ministerial Meeting of the Committee on

Scientific and Technology Policy (CSTP) and the World Science and Technology

forum, where she will discuss issues of international science collaboration with her

ministerial counterparts.

"This is a great opportunity to discuss and demonstrate our commitment to

international engagement on science, technology and innovation policy," Mrs

Andrews said.

"Many of the problems our respective nations face today are shared; coming

together as a group to discuss these issues is extremely important for the future, as

we look for a way forward as a collective."

The trip supports the important work the Government is progressing led by the

Commonwealth Science Council, including implementing the nine Science and

Research Priorities announced earlier in the year.

A central theme of the discussions has been enhancing the impacts of publicly

funded research and building public and industry support for innovation.

"As Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said, this is an exciting time in which to

grow up. Our children’s futures will be built on the advancements we make in

science, technology and innovation," Mrs Andrews said.

"Australia is actively encouraging the growth of science, technology, engineering and

maths (STEM) skills in our schools and workforce, because it recognises this is

essential to building a more competitive nation.

"I’m excited to share our work with member nations and to learn about the other

initiatives we might be able to pursue, both nationally and internationally."

Korea is one of the world’s highest investors in research and development and is

responsible for significant international collaboration funding.

After visiting Korea, Mrs Andrews will also tour A*STAR, a national science agency

in Singapore.

"Singapore is an important partner. It is a strong performer in its own right, but also

shares science interests with us," Mrs Andrews said.

"Our two countries have established strong links between our research and industry

sectors and have enjoyed a long history of collaboration."

Media contact: Mrs Andrews' office 02 6277 4360