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Disgraceful Labor stunt defeated by the Senate

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SENATOR THE HON. ERIC ABETZ Leader of the Government in the Senate Minister for Employment Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service

Liberal Senator for Tasmania


8 September 2015

Disgraceful Labor stunt defeated by the Senate

The Senate has today voted down Labor’s disgraceful attempt to misuse Parliament for their base political ends to protect corrupt unions.

The Labor Party has repeatedly made baseless allegations against a respected Royal Commissioner that even the lawyers for the ACTU and CFMEU have refused to argue.

It is because the Labor Party knew that its claims would never stand up in court that they sought to circumvent the courts by asking the Governor-General to sack the Royal Commissioner.

This motion has shown that the Labor Party is not just bereft of policy ideas, but bereft of principle.

Labor knew this was improper process yet proceeded anyway.

They jettisoned their so called article of faith since 1975 that the Governor-General must act on the advice of his or her ministers in a shabby abuse of process.

There was a time when Bob Hawke led his Labor Party to deregister a militant union after criminality and corruption was revealed by another Royal Commission.

When this Royal Commission reveals serious allegations of criminality and corruption, Mr Shorten tries to shut it down and refuses to accept the undisputed evidence.

He should simply stand against corruption.

His actions shows to whom his real allegiances lie and it isn’t honest workers and honest trade union members.

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