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At last - justice, Anti-Dumping Commission get it right

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THE HON DR SHARMAN STONE MP Federal Member for Murray

Tuesday 8 th September 2015

At Last - Justice, Anti-Dumping Commission get it Right

After months of SPC submissions to the Anti-Dumping Commission (ADC) SPC’s claims that all manufactured tomatoes from Italy are dumped here have been vindicated. The investigation into the two largest Italian processed tomato importers have finally found the two companies Feger and La Doria are illegally dumping on the Australian market. This means dumping duties will be imposed.

Federal Member for Murray Dr Sharman Stone said the original decision to not take EU subsidies into account in the dumping calculations had let the bigger exporters unfairly off the hook.

“The commissioner has recommended dumping duties be imposed of 7.5 percent to Feger and 5.1 percent to La Doria. Half of the imported tomatoes into Australia from Italy come from these two companies.

“The dumping duties will give us a fair go at last especially our processed tomato growers. Consumers should soon be able to choose Australian products without the unfair price discounts tempting shoppers with cheaper prices,” Sharman Stone said.

“In the ADC Statement of Essential Facts the commissioner found that the dumped products have dropped prices, reduced profits, profitability, revenue and capacity for Australian companies. In particular ADC found that material injury had been caused to SPC and without dumping duties the material injury would continue.

“SPC will now be able to compete on a more level playing field for tomato growers in Murray and employment opportunities within the industry,” Sharman Stone said.

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