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Two years of Joe's (own) goals

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We all know Joe Hockey is a lame duck Treasurer that was never up to the job.

Joe Hockey has only ever been concerned with his own job, not the jobs of millions of Australians.

And the Australian economy and the Australian people have paid the price over the last two years for Joe’s own goals.

Hockey’s two years of own goals show not only that he’s out of touch, but that he simply doesn’t get it.

A blooper reel like this might be fine for Benny Hill, but it’s hardly the resume of a competent and trusted Treasurer.

Note: this Hockey blooper reel is not to be used by Cabinet colleagues against poor Joe.


 North Sydney, the home of bulk-billing in Australia

There was the time Mr Hockey claimed his electorate of North Sydney would be hard hit by the GP tax because of a high bulk billing rate…

''Now I want to emphasise my electorate of North Sydney has one of the highest bulk-billing rates in Australia and I have one of the wealthiest electorates in Australia,'' he told ABC Radio.

North Sydney ranks 126 out of the 150 electorates for bulk billing. Out of the 48 NSW electorates, North Sydney ranks 43/48. At the time he said that North Sydney had a bulk billing rate of 72.36 per cent, more than ten points below the national average.

SMH - 26 April 2014

 A vision for renewable energy, wind farms

Uncertainty has really hurt our renewable energy sector, but with calls like this from Mr Hockey, it’s not hard to see where the inspiration comes from…

"If I can be a little indulgent please, I drive to Canberra to go to Parliament, I drive myself and I must say I find those wind turbines around Lake George to be utterly offensive," he told 2GB.

"I think they're just a blight on the landscape."

ABC - 2 May 2014

 Smoking Joe

Smoking cigars with Mathias Cormann as he was putting together his first Budget of cuts and broken promises. They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

SMH - 9 May 2014

 What’s a few beers?

Mr Hockey, Budget salesman guru, telling millions of Australian families and pensioners to cop a $7 GP tax, because for $7, you can buy a few middies…

“One of the things that quite astounds me is some people are screaming about $7 co-payment. You can spend just over $3 on a middy of beer, so that's two middies of beer to go into the doctor”, he told ABC radio.

SMH - 15 May 2014


 $50,000 for dinner

The Age of Entitlement lived on with a dinner Mr Hockey hosted in Washington in April for world Finance Ministers and heads of Central Banks.

A spokesman for Mr Hockey said the $50,000 dinner represented “excellent value for money’’. This was of course days after the first Abbott-Hockey Budget.

Courier Mail - 18 May 2014  

 Confessions of a lame duck Treasurer

The authorised biography of Mr Hockey, by Madonna King, included the revelation that the Treasurer wanted to cut harder and earlier.

AFR - 23 July 2014

 Exaggerating tax payable

The Treasurer has claimed on a number of occasions that high-income households pay half their income in tax. Wrong.

"Higher-income households pay half their income in tax," Mr Hockey told the Today Show on 4 August 2014.

The highest marginal rate of tax at present, including the Treasurer’s deficit levy, is 49 cents, but that’s only for a dollar earned over $180,000.

The Age - 6 August 2014

 Pensioners have never had it so good

Remember that howler, after trying to cut pension indexation and lift the eligibility age of the pension, the Treasurer claimed pensioners would be better off from the 2014 Budget.

"…in net terms out of the Budget, it is strongly arguable that pensioners are going to be better off.”

SMH - 13 August 2014

 Poor people don’t drive cars

Could you get any more out of touch? - 15 August 2014

 Get a job to get a house

Oh wait, you can get more out of touch…

Treasurer Joe Hockey advised Australians wanting to buy their first home to "get a good job that pays good money".

"No. Look, if housing were unaffordable in Sydney, no one would be buying it," he said in a press conference on 9 June.

Fairfax - 9 June 2015