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Memo Penny: send a copy of the Murray Report to Kevin, too!

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Media Release The Hon Greg Hunt MP Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Urban Water Monday 1 September 2008 Memo Penny: Send a copy of the Murray Report to Kevin, too! Penny Wong this afternoon finally agreed to release a sanitised version of advice on urgent action which could be taken to help the Murray Lower Lakes. She had to be dragged kicking and screaming to release at least some of the ‘urgent’ information she sought three months ago. This was information which the Senate ‘Return to Order’ had required be lodged by Thursday last week. Not four days later. Even today, Ms Wong couldn’t bring herself to release information directly to the public. Instead she said she will lodge a submission to a Senate Committee and make everyone wait until that committee meets to formalise the release of the document. Only then will we know if it contains any substantive detail. It’s not the urgent advice, but her version. In the meantime, Penny Wong should also send a copy of her submission to Kevin Rudd. When asked about the release of the urgent advice by Dr Nelson this afternoon, the Prime Minister didn’t know anything about it. Mr Rudd replied: “I am unaware of the document to which the honourable gentleman refers.” Oh dear. This was an extraordinary admission by the Prime Minister not to know anything about this urgent advice. The fate of the dying Lower Lakes and Coorong is one of our top environmental crises. Mr Rudd doesn’t know anything about the urgent advice, sought three months ago. He’s been to South Australia twice in the last two months yet Senator Wong has not told him that her actions are being held up by this missing advice. Why doesn’t Mr Rudd know anything about it? His answer reveals an alarming disinterest on this vital environmental issue. No wonder the people of the Murray Lower Lakes feel like Kevin’s Forgotten People. Media contact: John Deller on 02 6277 2276 or 0400 496 596