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Groceries rise by over 10% in past year under Labor.

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CHQ Media Release

Authorised and printed by Brian Loughnane for the Liberal Party of Australia Cnr Blackall and Macquarie Sts BARTON ACT 2600

Wednesday 4 August 2010


Labor went to the last election campaign promising to protect Australians from the rising cost of living - and failed.

That failure was clearly demonstrated on Channel Nine’s Today programme.

The Today Show’s ‘Shopping Challenge’ this morning independently demonstrated that grocery prices have risen by 10 per cent in just over a year:


Now the cost of living has become a key issue in this election campaign. So we thought we’d bring back the Today Shopping Challenge, to check how supermarket prices are faring at the moment. Now in March, last year, the total cost for these everyday items at Woolworths in Parramatta, in Sydney’s west, was $88.74.

Now this week, the price of purchasing these exact same items at the same supermarket is going to set you back $96.95. That’s $8.21 more than the previous bill last year.

Now, the big movers: a 400 gram jar of Vegemite jumped by just under a dollar, and the price of two litres of milk is up 96 cents.

That is: 10% rise in just over a year. Not good.

Labor has done nothing to help families deal with the cost of living, and the rapid rise of grocery prices. Their only solution, the Grocery Choice website, cost over $10million and didn’t ease the pressure on a single family.

Not only did Grocery Choice fail, it is yet another demonstration of Labor’s waste and mismanagement of taxpayer funds. This has become a hallmark of the Rudd-Gillard Government.

A Coalition Government would take real action to ease the pressure on Australian families. We will end the waste, pay back Labor’s debt, help families and we will do the right thing by all Australian who cannot afford three more years of the Rudd/Gillard Government.

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