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Gunns hopes of Prime Ministerial award dashed.

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Bob Brown, Senator for Tasmania

Gunns hopes of Prime Ministerial award dashed

6th May 04

Appalling forest destruction catches up with nationally condemned woodchip corporation

Gunns Pty Ltd, the world's biggest hardwood woodchipper, has been stripped of its hoped-for Banksia award to be announced by Prime Minister Howardon 5 June, World Environment Day.

Last month, Gunns announced it was a finalist. Today it announced it had flunked (see Gunn's media release).

"This company's plan fell on its own word," Greens Senator Bob Brown said in Canberra today.

"It was CEO John Gay's own boast on Channel Nine that Gunns poisons protected animals in the Tasmanian forests which revolted the award judges."

The corporation's worldwide reputation as an environmental dinosaur has damaged Tasmania enormously. It is some little justice that the overreach of hypocrisy, seeking environmental awards, has brought it undone.

The award judges have saved the Prime Minister from a huge embarrassment, even though he has personally condoned Gunns' destruction of the forests and their native wildlife.

See Channel Nine transcript overleaf.

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