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Organ slams council over wanton destruction of wetlands.

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Michael Organ MP

Greens Member for Cunningham

***** MEDIA RELEASE ***** 31 May 04


Cunningham MP Michael Organ today described Wollongong Council’s bulldozing of environmental waste traps in Bellambi Lagoon as sheer incompetence.

“They consulted no one - certainly not the Bellambi Lagoon Protection and Regeneration Society who have been involved for years in more than $1 million dollars worth of work to clean up the lagoon”, Mr. Organ told Federal parliament this afternoon.

“Council’s action was nothing less than stupid. Years of hard work by Chris Illert, Danielle Reverberi and other locals have been destroyed.”

“We have the crazy situation where Council’s Engineering Services Division is responsible for management and protection of one of the most beautiful and environmentally sensitive coastal zones in all Australia.

“Engineers in charge - not environmental scientists; talk about putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank!”

“Council has no coastal management policy - that would limit development opportunities”.

“This is a rotten Council, and the community is sick of their continuing lack of commitment to protecting the environment from the ravages of inappropriate development”, Mr. Organ said.

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***** MEDIA RELEASE *****