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A message from the Prime Minister

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Like many other countries, Australia is dealing with an increased terror threat.

Since the terror alert level was raised from Medium to High last September, we’ve witnessed terrorist inspired events in Sydney and in Melbourne.

As well, the actions of our police and intelligence agencies have averted six terrorist attacks.

Already, the Parliament has passed new laws to strengthen police powers, including laws on metadata, and the Government has boosted funding for our counter-terrorism agencies.

But despite these efforts, Australia faces a growing challenge from foreign fighters and from home-grown terrorists.

At least 250 Australians, some very young, have become ensnared in the evil ideology of the Daesh death cult.

ASIO currently has over 400 priority counter-terrorism investigations.

Young Australians - some of them children - have been brainwashed online, sometimes under the very noses of their parents.

Too many times young Australians end up on the other end of the world committing crimes and horrific acts of violence that are unimaginable to their families and to the country that raised them.

To those young Australians contemplating joining this death cult, I say, think again. Throwing in your lot with the most barbaric people in the most dangerous parts of the earth could cost you your life.

If you survive and seek to return, expect to face the consequences.

You will face the full force of the law.

So, in coming days, the Government will be making further announcements about keeping our country as safe as possible.

You can be assured that this Government will do everything in our power to protect our people and to stop radicalised and brutalised people from roaming our streets.