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Democrats call PM's bluff on Colston vote trick

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Senator Meg Lees

Australian Democrats Deputy Leader Atia(A,A42.


The Prime Ministers call for Liberal and Labor to negate Senator Colston's vote is a trick and a try on, according to the Australian Democrats.

"It seems that the Coalition is only prepared to move the high moral ground if it doesn't interfere with base political motive," Democrats Deputy Leader Senator Meg Lees said.

"If Mr Howard was truly sincere about principle he would use his Senate numbers to provide the Labor party with an extra vote when needed - thus giving Queenslanders the outcome they voted for in the Senate.

"Anything less is to willingly engage in a continuing corruption of the election result. It is a Prime Ministerial veto over the legitimate votes of Queensland Labor supporters for partisan political advantage. What a trick."

Under both of the voting scenarios proposed by the Prime Minister, the Government could pass legislation solely with the support of Brian Harradine.

Senator Lees said it would be most unwise for Kim Beazley to accept the Prime Minister's audacious advice.

"It would be business as usual for the Liberals," Senator Lees said. The PM wants to distance himself from Senator Colston, without giving up the very advantage that their previous relationship delivered. Well you can't have your cake and eat it too.

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