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Dr Ziggy Switkowski appointed executive chair of NBN Co strategic review of NBN project to commence

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The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP

Minister for Communications

Dr Ziggy Switkowski Appointed Executive Chair of NBN Co Strategic Review of NBN Project to Commence

3 October 2013

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP Minister for Communications

Senator the Hon Mathias Cormann Minister for Finance

The Government has today made major changes to the Board and senior management of the NBN Co.

The changes are in line with the Government's commitment to roll out the network sooner, cheaper for taxpayers and more affordably for consumers.

The Government has received offers of resignation from five of the seven NBN Co directors and one resignation. The Government has accepted four of these offered resignations but has asked Dr Kerry Schott and Ms Alison Lansley to continue serving on the Board.

The tenure of the seventh director, Mr Brad Orgill, has been terminated.

With the approval of the Cabinet, the Ministers for Communications and Finance have appointed Dr Ziggy Switkowski to the Board as Chairman.

Dr Switkowski has also been appointed as Executive Chairman of the NBN Co, pending the appointment of a new Chief Executive to replace Mike Quigley, who announced his intention to resign from the position in July.

Dr Switkowski has had a distinguished career in the telecoms industry, including terms as Chief Executive of both Optus and Telstra.

Dr Switkowski said: “I am greatly pleased, indeed honoured, to have been appointed to this role and I look forward to working with the Government and the NBN Co team to make this truly significant national project a success.”

These changes reflect the need to implement the new Government's policy objectives and are not an adverse reflection on the professionalism of the members of the NBN Co Board.

The Government thanks all the outgoing directors and in particular Mr Mike Quigley and Ms Siobhan McKenna for their leadership and service to the company, often in very difficult circumstances, and for the professionalism and courtesy with which they have helped manage this transition.

The Government intends to nominate additional non-executive directors to the Board shortly.

The Government has today requested the NBN Co to conduct a Strategic Review of the project. The terms of reference require the review to report on:

 The progress and cost of the rollout and the NBN Co's financial and operational status  The estimated time and cost to complete the NBN under a fibre to the premises model (ie, Government policy prior to 7 September 2013).  The estimated cost and time to complete the NBN if variations are made to the current

plan such as increased use of fibre to the node in established (brownfield) areas.  The economic viability of the NBN Co under alternative strategies.  The implications of capital costs and principles of cost recovery for wholesale and

consumer prices under existing and alternative strategies.  Recommendations for organizational restructuring, any amendments to the construction model and a revised NBN Co strategy to achieve Government policy

objectives.  Any other matters the Chair deemed relevant to the strategic consideration of NBN Co's present situation and future prospects.

The review will be conducted under the leadership of NBN Co executive chair, Ziggy Switkowski and its board of directors and will be submitted to the Government for consideration by 2 December 2013.