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A statement on Tasmanian Forest Heritage Listing

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18 June 2014


In response to my question in Question Time today, the Prime Minister refused to rule out unilaterally withdrawing from the UN World Heritage framework. This is a snub to the UN and a frightful development.

No country has ever done so and it would make Australia an environmental pariah state. Moreover the precedent would be set, thereby substantially weakening the framework internationally.

This is another case of a Liberal Federal Government showing arrogant disregard for international treaty arrangements. By implication the Government favours instead a lawless community of nations where any country can try and do what it wants, and where the biggest bullies get their way.

Tasmania’s forests are inherently priceless. They’re also a critical carbon sink and world-class tourist destination. They must be protected and this Government’s complete and utter disregard for them is simply appalling.

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