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A Royal Commission on the Iraq war, not more troops

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17 June 2014


The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, today sought to move the following motion in the House of Representatives: _____

MEMBER FOR DENISON: I move—That this House:

1. expresses its disapproval of any future deployment to Iraq of Australian combat forces;

2. calls on the Prime Minister to make a clear public statement today ruling out any future deployment to Iraq of Australian combat forces; and

3. calls on the Government to instigate a Royal Commission into Australia’s involvement in the invasion of Iraq and subsequent 11 years of war, and in particular the conduct of the main Australian protagonists for this unmitigated foreign policy, security and humanitarian disaster, including then Prime Minister John Howard and then Foreign Minister Alexander Downer. _____

The Government and the Opposition refused to allow debate on the Motion.

“That the Abbott Government is no better than the Howard Government on Iraq is deeply worrying,” Mr Wilkie said. “John Howard helped start this war with lies and an unhealthy fascination with the US.

“The Abbott Government’s obvious preparedness to send troops back to Iraq, and not conduct a proper inquiry into Australia’s involvement in that country, means we are destined to repeat the sins and errors of the past.

“I suppose no-one in the Government is going to get hurt; just more Iraqis, Australian troops and the Australian public interest.

“The Government move was not unexpected, but for them to be joined by the Opposition just goes to show that the Liberal and Labor Parties are in lock-step over Iraq.”

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