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Labor still completely confused over the carbon tax

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The Hon. Greg Hunt MP Minister for the Environment


17 June 2014

Labor still completely confused over the carbon tax

Labor can’t make up their mind on the carbon tax. They continue to say one thing and do another.

Even Labor’s Environment spokesperson Mark Butler doesn’t know his position any more.

On Sunday, Mark Butler wouldn’t commit to supporting a carbon tax:

“I’m not going to indicate one way or the other what we’re going to do because we will do that in a deliberative way.” - Sky News Australian Agenda

But today Mark Butler has back flipped, saying he’s supported it since before the election:

“...we have been arguing for an emissions trading scheme in the Parliament ever since.”

An Emissions Trading Scheme is simply a carbon tax by a different name.

Even Labor’s own modelling shows the painful impact is exactly the same, except for one 12 month period.

It’s still a tax on electricity and gas.

It’s still a hit on families and business.

It still pushes up the cost of living.

Next week Labor will have another chance to support repeal of the carbon tax and vote in favour of lower power prices for Australian families.

How will Labor vote? It seems even Labor doesn’t know.

Time and time again Labor said they want to get rid of the carbon tax. But when it came to the crunch in Parliament they voted to keep it.

Labor aren’t publicly supporting the carbon tax. They should support repeal. They clearly no longer have any faith in their own failed policy and have no idea what their policy is going forwards.

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