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Interview with Debbie Spillane and Ian Rogerson, Triple J


IR: It is about 10 minutes past 5 and we are coming to you live from the beautiful mezzanine area here at the Parliament House complex, and we are joined by a special guest now, Deb?

DS: Yes, we have the Prime Minister Paul Keating - we were calling him Mr Keating off-air, but on-air we are going to be incredibly familiar and just call him Paul. After all, we are on first name terms with Slim Dusty, you know.

PM: Well, why not?

DS: We know all the legends on this program. Now Paul firstly, we have been listening to all your talk about Triple J, and the expansion - we know what is in it for us - what is in it for you guys?

PM: Well I think what is in it for us is that the nation's young people get a network - a broadcast network - they wouldn't have otherwise had, they get the chance of innovation, to hear people put their views, to hear new music - that's enough I think.

IR: It's not part of the deal that we have to have Parliamentary Question Time at any stage, is it?

PM: No. Well that's a sort of area of light entertainment that you are not required to have. There's enough coverage of that - we have got a whole bunch of junkies in this building that cover that.

IR: Now, of course that has been going on all day today, and it will go this evening, won't it?

PM: The real show is only on Mondays and Thursdays - that's my show. But you are welcome to tune in and pick the highlights. You can ask Mr Laurie Oakes - he will tell you what the highlights are. Or Mr Lyneham, he will know.

DS: I must admit that we are pretty relieved at Triple J today that the Coalition didn't do anything about the leadership today, because we didn't want our announcement swamped, and so they have been very polite.

PM: Yes, I thought this morning - there is a great danger that if they actually dump Alexander today he'll blot you right out.

DS: Were you worried about Triple J not getting enough publicity?

PM: I was. And I wanted to make sure that at least he made it through until tomorrow. And it looks like he is going to make it.

DS: How much longer, do you think?

PM: Well, he will get to tomorrow.

IR: You were mentioning the fact that you were white hot just a day or so ago....

PM: That is for Mr Howard. I have a special attachment, not to Mr Howard, for Mr Howard, and...

DS: Where will you be putting the attachment in?

PM: Well, there are a few obvious places. But the thing is he does bring out the best in me, I have got to say, and when he bobbed up in 1986 and 1987, I made sure that I didn't miss him. And I will just give him a cheerio call to let him know that I am still there.

DS: Give him something to look forward to, that is what I reckon...

PM: I am. Give him some encouragement...let's bring him out...

IR: It's a bit like Avon calling..

PM: Absolutely. Ding dong - it's Avon calling.