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Modern award carnage continues horticulture, retail, pharmacy and aged care sectors: not important to Labor.

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Wed, 17th June 2009


Mr Michael Keenan MP

Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations

Today Labor voted against the jobs of thousands of workers in the farming, retail, pharmacy and aged care


As Senate debate over the Fair Work (Transitional Provisions and Consequential Amendments) Bill 2009

resumed today, Labor confirmed that these important community sectors are not worthy enough to be exempted

from Labor’s botched attempt to create ‘modern awards’.

Mr Michael Keenan MP, Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, said “today was the day that

Labor had the chance to save these sectors from the devastating effect on jobs of these so-called ‘modern


“Coalition amendments would have seen these very important sectors given the same chance as the restaurant

and catering sector - an opportunity to be spared from the spiralling costs and mass job losses coming from Julia

Gillard’s new award system.

“Labor had the chance to support the Coalition as we tried to enshrine Julia Gillard’s very own words into

legislation. Not our words - but the words of their very own Government Minister.

“Instead, Labor blew it. They voted against saving the jobs of thousands of workers in these crucial sectors.

“This is a massive blow to workers and business in these important community sectors. Labor obviously believes

they are not as important as cafes and restaurants.

“Although I welcomed the news that restaurants and caterers have been temporarily spared, Labor cannot give

us any good reason as to why these other sectors are not also important.

“This entire modern award process has been botched and bungled by Labor from the day one. Today, when

thrown a sensible lifeline by the Coalition in the Senate, they simply walked away and in doing so have turned

their backs and the thousands of Australian producers, pharmacists, shop workers and aged care workers.”