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Remarks at the Launch of the Coalition's Policy to boost Productivity and reduce Regulation: speech

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Remarks at the Launch of the Coalition's Policy to boost Productivity and reduce Regulation July 09, 2013


Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for being here. Thank you for the warm welcome that you have given to me and my


As I hope is most obvious, the Coalition - in the marrow of our bones - wants to work with the businesses of Australia to produce

a stronger economy for a stronger Australia.

We understand that you cannot have a stronger society without a strong economy. You cannot have strong communities without strong economies to sustain them and at the heart of strengthening our economy is reducing the red tape burden on Australian


Over the last few years, the red tape burden has undoubtedly increased exponentially. The current government in 2007 promised to deregulate. It promised that there would be no additional regulations without the removal of a regulation. They promised a ‘one-in one-out’ approach. In fact, since the end of 2007 under this government we have seen 21,000 new regulations and just 300 regulations go out. So, it has been a lamentable failure on the part of the current government.

If you look at the Minerals Council’s reports, the Minerals Council says that typically a new coal mine in this country in 2007 took

under 12 months to get full regulatory approval. Today, it takes more than three years to get full regulatory approval. The BCA has reported that one major gas development in Queensland took some 4,000 meetings, a 12,000 page environmental report in order

to win approval. It only got approval then with 1,200 state and 300 federal conditions and there were thousands of sub-conditions. So, the regulatory burden that we face in this country has exploded massively since 2007. It is our job to get it back down to

manageable proportions.

The Productivity Commission in 2011 reported that there were some $12 billion a year in savings that would be available from regulatory improvements. Last year, the Productivity Commission reported that addressing areas of federal-state regulatory

reform could boost our economy by $6 billion a year. So, the Coalition’s commitment to provide $1 billion a year in red tape cost reductions is eminently achievable.

We can deregulate. We can save business money. We can boost our national prosperity through the policy that we announce


A lot of work has been done on this policy. It has been led by Senator Arthur Sinodinos, the Shadow Parliamentary Secretary, ably assisted by Kelly O’Dwyer and Senator David Bushby. I want to congratulate Arthur, Kelly and David for the work they have

done, in particular for the extensive consultations that there has been with business and other interested parties right around our country over the last 12 months or so.

The Coalition intends to lead a collegial and consultative government.

We want to be a no surprises, no excuses government should we win the election, whenever that is called.

I would now like to ask Senator Arthur Sinodinos to address you and then both Kelly and David will add to Arthur’s remarks.

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