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Joint Remarks: speech, Anglesea, Victoria

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Joint Remarks, Anglesea, Victoria August 20, 2013



It's great to be here on the surf coast in the electorate of Corangamite with Point Roadknight in the background. It's great to be here with Sarah Henderson our candidate for Corangamite, with Dan Tehan our outstanding local member and Member for

Wannon and also with Terry Mulder the Victorian Roads Minister.

The Great Ocean Road, which is behind me, is one of Australia's iconic tourist routes. It was built in the aftermath of World War I as both a memorial to those who died and as a work for those who lived and it is one of the world's longest war memorials. It is

iconic in every way. It's used by about seven million tourists every year, it's the foundation of the local $2 billion tourist industry. It's a great road but it does need serious work and that's why I'm pleased to say that the Coalition, should we win government on

7 September, will commit $25 million towards its upgrade.

It's great that Terry Mulder is here, the State Government has a commitment to make as well. I'm going to ask Terry to say a few words on behalf of the Victorian Government and then I'm going to ask Sarah and Dan to speak on behalf of local people and

then we might repair to a nice warm cafe.


Thanks Tony. We often hear people talk about the reef, the rock and the road. We have the road here in Victoria and this is a very, very important piece of infrastructure for the State of Victoria but I believe Australia wide there is ownership of this road

because of the significant history that it has for the 3,000 returned servicemen who worked on this particular piece of road. It's a challenging piece of infrastructure to maintain, 240 kilometres, somewhere in the order of 300 types of different structures,

culverts, drains, 49 bridges and some of those bridges as we stand here today are in need of deck replacement.

The Victorian Government, Coalition Government, since coming to power have started to upgrade the road. We've put money into maintaining the road but what it needs is major rehabilitation. There are some sections of the road that will have to be completely

rehabilitated and put it back in a state whereby that road will then carry us to 2050 and beyond. We do suffer issues in terms of wet weather with rock falls. There will be a lot of work also undertaken by Vic Roads ensuring that the road is safe in all respects,

upgrades to drains. Certainly in terms of the tourist attraction of this particular part of Victoria, this road is what it's all about. The people right throughout this region, right throughout the Corangamite electorate and even my own electorate of Polwarth greatly

appreciate this commitment by Tony Abbott and the Coalition and of course the Victorian Government, the Napthine Government, have also committed to match the $25 million with a further $25 million.

So, what that gives us is $50 million going forward over the next five years and given the fact it's a rolling programme it will give

Vic Roads the opportunity to be able to plan and get the best possible outcome with that spend. It's a fantastic announcement. It's a great announcement for Victoria and once again I think it shows Tony Abbott's commitment to Victoria with his $1.5 billion for

the East West Link and now prepared to chip in money for this iconic road here in Victoria.

I'd certainly like to thank him and we look forward to working in partnership with Tony going forward.


Tony, thank you. I just want to say I am completely over the moon by this announcement. This is wonderful, a $50 million commitment to this iconic road. This is all about road safety, this is all about tourism and this is all about jobs because tourism

supports 10,000 jobs in our region and for me as the local candidate for Corangamite jobs is so important. We are all about growing the economy and boosting jobs and I am so proud.

So, to Tony and to Terry, and Dan Tehan my colleague in Wannon, I'm incredibly proud of this commitment which will do so much

for Corangamite and so much for the many communities along this road. For people of Anglesea, Aireys Inlet, Lorne, Apollo Bay,

Tony Abbott Federal Member for Warringah | Leader of the Opposition

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all the way through to Wannon this is a really wonderful day and again thank you for your commitment.


Thanks Tony and I'd just like to support what Sarah's had to say. This is a fantastic announcement. Roads are the life blood of our regional and rural communities. This $50 million commitment will improve the Great Ocean Road, make it safe for tourism. That

means more jobs for our local areas which are fantastic and Tony, to you, it's just fantastic to see you here again in the south-west. Your commitment to this part of Victoria is absolutely fantastic and to the Victorian State Government well done for getting

behind this initiative as well.


And the point I should make in concluding is that we can only build our society if we have a strong economy and I want to see a strong economy leading to a better society. I want to see a strong economy having a good social dividend and the thing about

extra funding for roads, whether it be $1.5 billion for the East West Link in Melbourne or $25 million for the Great Ocean Road, better roads build up our economic strength because they are such an important part of our economic infrastructure. Better roads

also make it easier for people to have a good life, because we all need to move around, whether it is for work, whether it is for family, we all need to move around. That is why better roads are such a symbol of a strong economy and a good society.

Thank you.


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