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600 boats - 600 policy failures

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600 boats - 600 policy failures March 27, 2013

The latest illegal boat arrival is the 600th border protection policy failure since Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd abolished John

Howard’s proven border protection policies in August 2008.

This record of dysfunction is one of the single greatest policy failings of an incompetent government.

Labor’s record of failure is clear:

· 600 boats carrying over 35,000 people

· record populations in immigration detention · riots, protests and unrest in detention centres

· tens of thousands of people dumped into the community · $6.6 billion in budget blowouts and growing

· damage to Australia’s reputation

And it is a failure that worsens by the day.

What’s even worse is that the Gillard Government has no plan to stop the boats.

Julia Gillard stubbornly sits on her hands and makes excuses for doing nothing.

Only the Coalition has a plan to stop the boats and put an end to the tragedies at sea by restoring the full range of Howard measures that stopped the boats before.

If elected, the Coalition will take immediate action to protect our borders.

We will re-introduce Temporary Protection Visas to deny the people smugglers a product to sell, have rigorous offshore

processing, and give new orders to the Navy to turn back boats where it is safe to do so.

Only a change of government will restore the proven measures of the Howard Government and the resolve needed to stop the boats.

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