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Raoul Wallenberg recognised with honorary Australian citizenship

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Raoul Wallenberg recognised with honorary Australian citizenship April 15, 2013

The Coalition welcomes the award of honorary Australian citizenship to the late Raoul Wallenberg.

Born on August 4 1912, Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat who served in Budapest during the Second World War.

His efforts in providing ‘protective passports’ and shelter for Jews in Nazi-occupied Hungary are credited with saving the lives of a hundred thousand people.

On 17 January 1945 after the Red Army entered Budapest, Wallenberg was taken, never to be seen again.

In August last year, the Member for Kooyong paid tribute in the House of Representatives to Raoul Wallenberg.

He said: “He was a man who was ‘a righteous among nations’ and whose courage and deeds will always represent a beam of

light in what was one of the darkest periods in the history of mankind.”

Australia joins the United States, Canada, Hungary and Israel in bestowing honorary citizenship on Raoul Wallenberg.

The ceremony at Government House will recognise Raoul Wallenberg’s remarkable service to humanity and provide an opportunity for Holocaust survivors and their families to honour his memory.

15 April 2013

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