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The Coalition's policy to reduce traffic congestion in Adelaide

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The Coalition's policy to reduce traffic congestion in Adelaide April 27, 2013

A Coalition government will provide $500 million to support the continuing upgrade of the North-South Road Corridor.

The commitment is part of the Coalition’s Real Solutions Plan for Australia, which provides funding toward major road projects across Australia.

The North-South Road Corridor Upgrade will link the expanding residential growth areas of Adelaide and deliver the world-class

infrastructure that South Australia deserves. Inadequate road infrastructure and traffic congestion are impacting the productivity of Adelaide.

The Coalition envisages that our $500 million commitment will be directed to the South Road upgrade recommended by the

‘Darlington Transport Study.’ This study recommended an upgrade of South Road where it connects to the Southern Expressway. It will include:

· South Road reconfigured between the Southern Expressway and north of Sturt Road into an expressway-standard road

incorporating road network modifications; · Grade separation of South Road as an underpass extending below Flinders Drive and Sturt Road; and

· Connection of the Darlington Interchange with the Southern Expressway to provide for two way flow.

In keeping with the Coalition’s commitment to increase transparency in the funding of infrastructure, the Coalition will request that Infrastructure Australia undertake and publish a cost-benefit analysis of the project.

We will work with the South Australian Government to get a business case developed for this project and for the remaining

sections of the North-South Road Corridor that need to be upgraded.

The business case will be assessed by Infrastructure Australia. The Coalition is confident that the project would pass an Infrastructure Australia’s analysis on a stand-alone basis.

We expect construction to commence within the first term of a Coalition government. The entire North-South Road Corridor

Upgrade is a major project that will take many years and a Coalition government will work with the South Australian Government to ensure we can make it a reality.

Funding for our major road commitments will be met from the next Nation Building programme and the elimination of wasteful

spending under Labor.

The timing of payments will depend on construction progress and be developed in consultation with the State Government.

The Coalition’s Policy to Reduce Traffic Congestion will improve the productivity and liveability of our major cities. Our Real Solutions Plan for Australia will mean less time in traffic and more time with families, goods and services getting to market faster

and at less cost and an improvement in national productivity and competitiveness.

27 April 2013

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