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The Coalition's commitment to build the F3 to M2 link

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The Coalition's commitment to build the F3 to M2 Link May 09, 2013

A Coalition government will end the frustration of Central Coast motorists and get the missing F3 to M2 link underway.

The F3 to M2 link is a vital piece of economic infrastructure that will boost the productive capacity of the New South Wales economy.

The link will mean shorter travel times, reduced congestion and safer roads for the residents of the Central Coast. It also means

reduced freight costs for all trucks that use this important national road corridor.

This project has been talked about for decades and only the Coalition can be trusted to deliver this major piece of economic infrastructure. Labor in NSW had 16 years to deliver this project and the Rudd/Gillard Government has had almost six years. As

Australians have learned to their cost in recent years, Labor Budget announcements cannot be trusted nor believed.

The Coalition will release the full details of its funding commitment on the F3 to M2 link prior to the next election. Unlike Labor, our promises will be fully costed. We will get this link built.

For the people of the Central Coast who battle traffic every working day, the Coalition’s commitment means less time in traffic and

more time with families.

The project is supported by Infrastructure Australia and will see a tunnel from the southern end of the F3 at Wahroonga to the M2 Motorway at Pennant Hills Road. It will also see improvements to the F3 at Wahroonga and to the M2 Motorway between Pennant

Hills Road and the North Rocks Road intersection.

The F3 to M2 link will be delivered in partnership with the Coalition Government in NSW and with the private sector.

We aim to have the F3 to M2 link started by late 2014, pending the finalisation of commercial agreements between the private sector and the NSW Government.

The Coalition’s commitment to the F3 to M2 is part of our policy to reduce traffic congestion in our major cities and to deliver the

infrastructure needed to increase our nation’s productivity, competitiveness and standards of living.

In addition to the F3 to M2 link, a Coalition government will provide in NSW:

Ñ $1.5 billion to ensure the WestConnex project gets underway in Sydney, and

Ñ $5.6 billion to complete the duplication of the Pacific Highway from Newcastle to the Queensland border, including $2.1

billion in new money.

This announcement is part of our Real Solutions Plan that will build the nationally significant infrastructure that our country needs to develop a strong, prosperous economy and a safe, secure Australia.

9 May 2013

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