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The Coalition's Green Army

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The Coalition's Green Army July 05, 2013

The Coalition will build the largest standing environmental workforce in Australia’s history and deliver hundreds of on-the-ground environmental projects each year across Australia.

If elected, a Coalition government will build a 15,000 strong Green Army and provide real and practical solutions to local

environmental issues.

The Green Army, primarily made up of young people, will clean up riverbanks and creek beds, revegetate sand dunes as well as undertake remediation and conservation projects around Australia.

Participants will receive a training allowance, as well as gain valuable work skills and potential qualifications in different areas of

environmental remediation.

At the same time as improving the local environment, the Green Army will foster teamwork, local ownership and community spirit in our young people.

We want the Green Army to be a rite-of-passage for thousands of young Australians every year.

It should be a means for young people to gain a meaningful understanding of what it is like to be part of something bigger than


The Green Army will provide funding to work with and complement the work undertaken by local landcare groups, bushcare groups, foreshore communities, natural resource management groups, local catchment authorities and councils in their work

remediating the local environment.

In its first year (2014-15), the Green Army will undertake 250 projects nationwide, building up to 1,500 projects by 2018-19. By 2018-19, it is estimated there will be a standing force of 15,000 people who will be taking part in the Green Army every year.

The Coalition will allocate up to $50 million in year one starting on 1 July 2014 and up to $300 million over the forward estimates

period (with total costs capped at a maximum of $300 million).

Today, the Coalition announced that the Green Army would undertake significant remediation work along the Georges River in Sydney, providing impetus to the ongoing work of volunteer groups, councils and the NSW Government in improving one of

Sydney’s major waterways.

The Green Army complements our ‘Direct Action’ approach to climate change.

Direct Action provides Australians with the opportunity for individuals, communities, organisations and companies to help address our environmental challenges.

The Coalition will deliver a cleaner environment and a more sustainable future without the impost of a carbon tax which is causing

real economic damage to our economy and the living standards of Australians.

By strengthening the economy and living within our means, the Coalition will be able to take direct action to improve the environment and reduce carbon emissions in a practical and affordable way.

The Coalition’s policy to build a 15,000 strong Green Army is part of our Real Solutions plan to build a strong, prosperous

economy and a safe, secure Australia.

5 July 2013

Tony Abbott Federal Member for Warringah | Leader of the Opposition

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