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Events in Egypt

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Events in Egypt July 06, 2013

The Coalition expressed the hope in early 2011 that, after 30 years of dictatorship, Egypt would achieve peaceful, democratic change which would respect the rights of all Egyptians, including the Christian Copts, the Shia and women.

But Egypt’s new government disappointed many, including the Coptic community which has faced increased violence over the

past two years.

The scale of recent protests and petitions show that much of the Egyptian population had turned against President Morsi.

It is regrettable when a democratically-elected leader is removed by military intervention rather than at the ballot box. But Egypt’s

interim president has announced there will be fresh elections.

It is important that these happen soon, that they be free and fair and that a genuine democracy is established which protects the rights of all Egyptians, including minorities and women.

6 July 2013

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