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The Coalition's policy to boost manufacturing

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The Coalition's policy to boost manufacturing August 21, 2013

A Coalition government will unleash the economic potential of Australia's manufacturing industries by removing the shackles that are holding the sector back.

The Coalition is committed to a strong Australian-based manufacturing sector. We believe that with the right conditions it

can grow and prosper and continue to be internationally competitive over the long term.

In contrast, under Labor, more than 140,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost since the start of 2008 - almost one in every seven manufacturing jobs.

Boosting manufacturing competitiveness starts with keeping costs down, ensuring a level playing field, and building the

infrastructure for essential transport corridors.

Australian manufacturing also needs a long term strategy built on stability, and which recognises our strengths and drives innovation.

The Coalition's Real Solutions Plan will build a diverse 5-pillar economy to build on our strengths, including in manufacturing.

We will:

Ñ Repeal the carbon tax and the mining tax, provide a 1.5% company tax cut, cut red and green tape by at least $1 billion a

year, and delay Labor’s compulsory superannuation increases;

Ñ Provide stronger anti-dumping laws, improve the Fair Work laws to restore the balance to the sensible centre, and undertake

a once in a generation review of competition laws; and

Ñ Deliver billions in infrastructure projects to build the roads and transport corridors that are essential to manufacturing.

Today we announce further measures to deliver a long term and stable future for Australian manufacturing. If elected, the Coalition will:

Ñ Appoint a Minister for Trade and Investment whose central responsibility will be to attract trade and increase inwards

investment into Australia. Ñ Build our manufacturing export base by progressively restoring funding to Export Market Development Grants starting with

an initial $50 million boost. Ñ Establish a $50 million Manufacturing Transition Fund to provide assistance to communities and industries as they transition

to new areas of manufacturing growth. Ñ Implement industry specific Strategic Growth Action Agendas that bring industry and government together to develop

strategic, coordinated and long term plans for growth and viability.

Strengthening Australia’s manufacturing industry is part of the Coalition’s Real Solutions Plan to build a stronger Australia and a better future for all Australians.

21 August 2013

Download the Coalition's policy to boost the competitiveness of Australian manufacturing here.

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