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Inventory provides more evidence price on carbon pollution is working

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Inventory provides more evidence price on carbon pollution is working

Australia's National Greenhouse Gas Inventory released today shows that even though the economy has grown, the carbon price is working to bring down greenhouse gas emissions.

“Contrary to Greg Hunt’s rhetoric, the price on pollution is working to bring down emissions from our dirtiest power plants,” Senator Milne said.

“Our emissions have stayed the same while our economy has gotten bigger. Deeper cuts have to be made, and now is not the time to abandon what is working.

“Australians are reducing the amount of power they use and increasingly turning to renewable energy. This is a great outcome.

“The heavy lifting has been done by the carbon price which has reduced emissions from power by 6.1%.

“Within the sectors covered by the carbon price, the main area where emissions have increased has been in fugitive emissions from coal mines and gas. An increase of 12%.

“That’s why it’s more important than ever to leave the coal in the Bowen and Galilee Basins in the ground.

“Road transport and agriculture are not covered by the carbon price and emissions in those sectors grew by 3% each.

“It is good news that overall emissions covered by the inventory have flat lined after rising for the past two decades.

“The bad news is abandoning carbon pricing will take the pressure off the old coal fired generators.”

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