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WA Charity Wins National Homelessness Award

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Mark Butler


Media Release by The Hon Mark Butler MP and The Hon Melissa Parke MP

WA Charity Wins National Homelessness Award 1 May 2013

Joint Media Release with:

 The Hon Mark Butler MP Minister for Mental Health and Ageing Minister for Housing and Homelessness Minister for Social Inclusion Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Mental Health Reform

 The Hon Melissa Parke MP Parliamentary Secretary for Homelessness and Social Housing Parliamentary Secretary for Mental Health

Anglicare WA was today awarded a National Homelessness Services Achievement Award in

recognition of its tireless work to prevent and tackle homelessness.

Minister for Housing and Homelessness, Mark Butler and Parliamentary Secretary for

Homelessness and Social Housing, Melissa Parke today presented Anglicare WA with the

Award for Outstanding business or philanthropic commitment to addressing homelessness for

its Making Ends Meet program.

“The Making Ends Meet program stood out through its efforts to help Perth families get

through tough financial times so they can keep their homes,” Mr Butler said.

“The project has supported hundreds of families across Perth struggling to pay their rent

when in crisis or financial hardship.

“Rather than providing handouts, this program works with families to develop a sustainable

budget and an action plan to stabilise their circumstances and avoid future financial crises.

Mr Butler said providing immediate help, as well as helping people improve their budgeting

skills was critical in helping families keep a roof over their head.

“Being at risk of losing your home makes it enormously difficult to do any of the ordinary

things in life-to hold down a job, get an education, or plan for the future,” Mr Butler said.

“Thanks to the commitment of Anglicare WA through its Making Ends Meet program, Perth

families have someone to turn to when they need it the most.”

Ms Parke said that while the last Census showed a 13 per cent drop in the rate of people

sleeping rough or in improvised dwellings, far too many Australians still do not have a place

to call home every night.

“This Government has made tackling homelessness a national priority, and is committed to

halving the overall rate of homelessness by 2020,” Ms Parke said.

“But we are not doing it alone-every day, thousands of services are on the ground helping

people get back on their feet.

“This year’s Awards shine a light on the tremendous work these compassionate and dedicated

service providers do for some of our community’s most vulnerable people.

“Thank you to everyone who nominated a service or organisation in the 2013 National

Homelessness Services Achievement Awards.

“Congratulations to Anglicare WA for receiving this well-deserved award for its Making

Ends Meet program.”

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