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'Electricity Bill' needs to make up his mind on the carbon tax

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The Hon. Greg Hunt MP Minister for the Environment


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‘Electricity Bill’ needs to make up his mind on the carbon tax

Bill Shorten seems confused. He cannot say whether he will allow the carbon tax to be repealed or whether he will vote for higher electricity prices.

Every day that ‘Electricity Bill’ Shorten refuses to support repealing the carbon tax is another day the Labor Party stands for higher power prices and business uncertainty.

The Australian people delivered a very clear message on September 7 that they do not want a carbon tax.

Households will save $550 on average in 2014/15 as a result of repealing of the carbon tax.

Business demands certainty and wants the carbon tax gone. It hurts jobs, sends manufacturing offshore, drives up costs and does not achieve its goal in reducing domestic emissions.

It's time for Labor to be transparent with the Australian people.

Julia Gillard promised there would be no carbon tax under a Government she led.

Kevin Rudd falsely claimed that he terminated the carbon tax.

Anthony Albanese wanted the carbon tax set to zero.

Shadow Mark Butler said he agrees with the Government that the carbon tax should be repealed.

It’s time for Mr Shorten to declare if he will support repealing the carbon tax, and end the unfair burden on Australian families.

18 October 2013