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Hockey & Abbott confirm - more cuts to come to families, super, jobs

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Campaign Media Release Campaign Spokesperson Penny Wong


Today’s documents released by the Coalition confirm that they will give $17.2 billion to big miners and polluters and cut $4.6 billion from household budgets by cutting the Schoolkids Bonus.

Mr Abbott, your priorities are all wrong

We know this because they:

• Have not released a single costings document from the Parliamentary Budget Office because they are hiding the cuts that are still to come.

• Promised a Commission of Audit - which Mr Abbott today confirmed would put health and education back on the table when he said: “I'm very happy to have the commission of audit go through the whole of the administration.”

• Chose to release selective numbers three and half hours after a contrived picture opportunity, gave journalists only 15 minutes to digest information and then conducted only a 20-minute press conference.

We also know there are more cuts to come because there are more holes than you can poke a stick at in their documents:\

• There are over $8 billion of projects that are already in the Budget which ar eon the chopping block.

• They confirm that the Low Income Superannuation Contribution cut is a retrospective tax - they’ve booked a $961 million save in 2013-14, similar to $933 million the following year.

• They have made a mistake by booking a $200 million save on the increase of the instant asset write off to $10,000 - this is an ALP election policy, not yet included in the Budget.

• There is no mention whatsoever of the franking credits hit to pay for their unfair paid parental leave scheme - this is a $1.6 billion hit for shareholders, retirees and pensioners.

• A range of projects they have promised during the campaign fail to appear in the documents, e.g. funding for the Commonwealth games (promised today 5 September), and $40 million for the Palmerston Hospital (promised 23 August).

• They refused to get signature policies - their border protection policy, Direct Action and Fraudband - costed through the PBO.

Mr Abbott must explain: who will pay for his deep cuts?

By keeping the costings documents and cuts from the Australian people until it is too late reinforces why Australian families have so much at stake on Saturday.