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Abbott walks away from $900 million of his own promises

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Almost $900 million in Coalition promises disappeared yesterday afternoon.

For the last three years Mr Abbott has travelled the length and breadth of Australia making promises to local communities.

On the eve of the election, we find almost $900m million of them have disappeared into thin air.

Mr Abbott yesterday walked away from almost $900 million of his own promises to the Australian people.

This must be a record. Mr Abbott is not even waiting to win government to break his promises.

Mr Robb tried to explain this away this morning on ABC AM:

LANE: Your costings document appears not to contain some of the promises that the Coalition has made - $40 million for the Palmerston Hospital in the Northern Territory, $5.5 million for Hummingbird House in Queensland, and $140 million for the Tonkin Highway.

ROBB: We have sought to document and take account of a whole host of infrastructure projects. Some of those - some projects are already contained in previous commitments of the current Government, many of which, there’s literally dozens and dozens and dozens which we have not repeated in our document. They are taken as a line item. So, I suspect some of those smaller projects fit into that category.

This is complete rubbish.

Simply put, the Coalition have publicly committed to all these projects and yet excluded them from their materials yesterday, meaning they are either broken promises, or the Coalition will need further cuts to fund them.

This is illustrative of what an absolute circus the Coalition’s ‘costings’ process has once again been.

This is without a doubt the weakest economic team put on the park by a major political party in generations.

With Mr Abbott making very clear yesterday his commission of cuts would have everything on the table, Australian families have a lot at stake tomorrow.


NSW: • Federal contribution: $196 million - F3 Productivity Package: A package of four projects that includes the widening of the F3 between Tuggerah and Doyalson and between Kariong to Somersby and capacity

improvements to the Kariong Interchange ramps, and the Weakleys Drive intersection • $21 million - Central Coast Growth Plan

QLD: • $150 million - Gold Coast Commonwealth Games • $5.5 million - Hummingbird House

WA: • $140.6 million - Tonkin Highway: grade separations and safety improvements

NT: • $40 million - Palmerston Hospital

National: • $300 million for one million solar panels, previously part of direct action (over forward estimates) • $34 million - Mr Abbott backed in our additional Headspace centres



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