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Over 34,000 reasons people smugglers thriving under Labor

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Michael Keenan MP - Federal Member for Stirling OVER 34,000 REASONS PEOPLE SMUGGLERS THRIVING UNDER LABOR March 18, 2013

The arrival of the latest illegal boat, with almost 100 people on board, has seen Labor record another milestone of failure on our borders with more than 34,000 people having arrived on illegal boats on their watch, Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Scott Morrison and Shadow Minister for Justice, Customs and Border Protection, Michael Keenan said today.

“While Australians can never count on anything from Julia Gillard except more failure, people smugglers can always rely on her to guarantee their business model,” Mr Morrison said.

“Labor’s refusal to implement temporary protection visas and their endless levels of appeal for boat arrivals mean people smugglers are able to sell their product of permanent residency, telling their clients that even if they get a no on their asylum claim it will more often than not always end in a yes and a permanent visa.

“Labor’s decision to open access for boat arrivals to the Refugee Review Tribunal means a 75 per cent chance that any 'no' decision on their asylum claim is overturned.

“Afghans who arrive in Australia by illegal boat are over 13 times more likely to get a visa than Afghans who apply offshore.

“Labor’s decision to restore full access to the courts for boat arrivals adds another avenue for them to endlessly appeal and provides a better chance for them to stay in Australia, even if they have no legitimate refugee claim.

“Every last brick in the wall that John Howard built up, Labor have knocked down. Bungled attempts to try to rebuild what they destroyed, having been dragged kicking and screaming, have shown neither conviction nor the competence needed.

“The Australian people will have the chance at this year’s election to see our borders fixed by voting for a change of government,” Mr Morrison said.

Mr Keenan said: “There have now been more illegal boats arrive this financial year than in the entire Howard Government term - 239 boats carrying more than 14,000 people and we still have another three months left of this financial year.

“In the last week alone there have been 8 boats intercepted carrying a total of 564 people - that’s more people arriving in one week than Labor’s entire monthly budget for arrivals.

“Labor cannot hide from these telling figures. They very clearly highlight the extent to which this Government has failed to protect Australia’s borders.

“It will take the tough policies of the Coalition to take back the control of our immigration system from the people smugglers,” Mr Keenan said.

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