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Labor split over Carbon Tax repeal

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Media Release The Hon Greg Hunt MP Member for Flinders Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage Wednesday 11 September 2013 LABOR SPLIT OVER CARBON TAX REPEAL Labor has learnt nothing from Saturday’s election loss with the ALP again divided and unwilling to accept the election outcome. The message from the voters was clear - they want lower electricity prices and the repeal of the Carbon Tax. Every day Labor opposes the repeal is another day people pay higher electricity prices and Australian jobs are at risk. No matter who ends up as Labor leader they should heed the advice of Nick Champion that Labor should not block the repeal. “I don’t think we’ve got a right to frustrate the Government mandate and I certainly don’t think it’s a very good look to be voting with the Greens again. I think we should abstain in the Senate, allow the Abbott Government to implement its policies in their entirety in terms of carbon, that is Direct Action and the repeal of the carbon price and that would basically make him responsible for climate policy in Australia” (Nick Champion, Sky Showdown, 10 September 2013) His comments have now been endorsed by Richard Marles “We do need to acknowledge the fact that Tony Abbott won the election and we lost, and we need to face that reality and questions of mandate are issues that we need to consider and where I completely agree with Nick Champion is that we do need to be choosing our battles very carefully when we are in opposition” (Richard Marles, Sky, 11 September 2013) The public service is already drafting the repeal legislation and we will introduce the Bill in the first week of Parliament. We expect Labor to now acknowledge the election outcome, respect the views of the Australian people and provide certainty for business by allowing the repeal to occur as quickly as possible. MEDIA CONTACT: Wendy Black 0418 532 534