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In their own words: Coalition internet filter policy

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In Their Own Words: Coalition Internet Filter Policy


Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese



The Coalition’s internet filter policy has mysteriously disappeared into their ether, so we have helpfully re-released it.

We are also helpfully providing today’s on-the-record comments from Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Liberal MP Paul Fletcher.

Malcolm Turnbull on Triple J Hack:

TILLEY: How does the Coalition justify their default internet filter which was announced today when the public has already rejected that policy?

TURNBULL: Well it’s not an internet filter in the sense of what Stephen Conroy was proposing.

ALBANESE: It’s worse!

TURNBULL: Please, just let me finish. What is being proposed is that there will be - there’s no service side filter. This is a system where - and this is what the British are going to employ -

TILLEY: Sorry no service side filter - it says in your policy document it will involve major internet service providers providing home network filters.

TURNBULL: Okay, just let me finish. The filter will be contained in software installed in either people’s smartphones or modems - if they’ve got broad fixed line broadband, which can be disabled at their option. So it is not a filter that operates at the service side at

Media Release In Their Own Words: Coalition Internet Filter Policy