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Labor's cuts have put law enforcement agencies on the back foot

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Michael Keenan MP - Federal Member for Stirling LABOR’S CUTS HAVE PUT LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES ON THE BACK FOOT July 30, 2013

The Australian Crime Commission’s report into Organised Crime in Australia today has highlighted the significant impact that organised crime is having on both our economy and on our national security, Shadow Minister for Justice, Customs and Border Protection Michael Keenan said.

“With organised crime costing Australia an estimated $15 billion every year, the Coalition understands that our law enforcement agencies need to be properly resourced in order to combat the complexities posed by organised crime in the modern era,” Mr Keenan said.

“The ACC is tasked with investigating serious and organised crime that threatens our community, yet the Labor Party have stripped nearly 200 staff from the agency that has a total staffing level of just over 500 people - significantly hindering the agency’s ability to do its job.

“Since coming to office Labor has also made critical cuts to our other law enforcement agencies, including $125 million and 870 staff cut from the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service and $310 million and 97 staff cut from the Australian Federal Police.

“Labor’s cut of $58 million from Customs cargo screening budget has resulted in less than 5 per cent of air cargo and sea cargo being inspected - this means criminals have a far greater chance successfully smuggling illicit drugs, illegal weapons and other contraband through Australia’s borders and onto our streets.

“On top of this Labor has also been using the Commonwealth Proceeds of Crime funding to prop up their budget rather than for the intended purpose of crime prevention projects - something that the Coalition will rightly overturn.

“The ACC and other law enforcement agencies cannot effectively combat organised criminal syndicates without the appropriate resourcing to do so.

“With Labor you can never afford to just listen to what they say but you must look at their actions and their record in Government which has been to systematically degrade Australia’s law enforcement capacity,” Mr Keenan said.

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