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Labor deception vs Coalition's history

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LABOR’S DECEPTION vs COALITION’S HONESTY August 31, 2012 ยท Leave a Comment

Days after attacking the Coalition on Public Service job losses, Labor is about to launch its own assault on job numbers.

The Australian Financial Review has today revealed that another jump in the “efficiency dividend” is about to be imposed in an attempt to curb government expenditure.

In yet another breach of faith with Canberra, the Gillard Government’s move will certainly add many more public sector job losses to the 4,200 already foreshadowed in this year’s budget.

“This is a perfect example of Labor deception - say one thing, do the complete opposite”, Liberal Senator Gary Humphries said today.

Not a week after the Prime Minister addressed the Community and Public Service Sector Union warning of cuts a Coalition Government would make to the public sector, her ministers have told their departments to start shedding jobs en masse.

“The Prime Minister has been out there telling public servants that their jobs will be safe under Labor, all the while planning to axe jobs behind closed doors.

“It’s clear that the whole time the Prime Minister spoke, her own plans to slash the public service were ticking away in the back of her mind.

“The Coalition has been completely up front with public servants, while Kate Lundy, Andrew Leigh and Gai Brodtmann signed a contract vowing to protect APS jobs - a deal now being dishonoured.

“Public servants have a clear choice at the next election: a clear Coalition plan based on natural attrition or Labor’s chaotic sackings every time their budget heads south.

“Labor has again proven they can’t be trusted to do the right thing by public servants”, Senator Humphries concluded.

31 August 2012

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