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Humphires enters rates war

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HUMPHRIES ENTERS RATES WAR October 12, 2012 ยท Leave a Comment

ACT Senator Gary Humphries has come out swinging against ACT Labor’s plans to triple general rates across the capital.

In a speech to the Senate last night, Senator Humphries, a former ACT Treasurer and Chief Minister, said his assessment of the ACT Labor government’s own published documents that general rates will triple.

“I’ve examined ACT Treasury papers, the Quinlan Report and the Estimates Hansard very carefully and it’s quite clear - Labor plan is to cut a bunch of smaller taxes by increasing rates more than threefold”, Senator Humphries said.

“That is not only a reasonable supposition based on the documents - it is the only conclusion a reasonable reader can reach.

“I’m very concerned about Labor’s plan.

“At a time when the cost of living is continuing to rise sharply, Labor’s plan to shift taxes onto annual household budgets will hurt people all across Canberra”.

In the speech, Senator Humphries questioned how ACT Labor would be able to make up lost revenue following Labor’s planned abolition of six different taxes and duties.

“The Quinlan Review shows a general rates increase for every category of household, but the ACT Treasurer has nowhere explained what alternative path he will travel to cut other taxes but avoid this outcome”.

Senator Humphries challenged Andrew Barr to be honest with Canberrans and spell out Labor’s real plan.

“Andrew Barr has just over a week to clarify his government’s plans for rates.

“The fact is, if ACT Labor is re-elected, rates in the ACT will triple”, Senator Humphries concluded.

Friday 12 October 2012

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