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Transcript of doorstop: Lake Burley Griffin walk, Canberra: 5 September 2013: National Broadband Network; Clean Energy Finance Corporation; solar panels; progressive government; Mr Abbot's cuts

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Campaign Transcript


E & O E - PROOF ONLY _____________________________________________________________

Subjects: National Broadband Network; Clean Energy Finance Corporation; Solar panels; Progressive Government; Mr Abbott’s cuts. _____________________________________________________________

PRIME MINISTER: Can you put your hands together and just say what great representatives they are.

These folk are deeply engaged in your community and maintaining communities into the future is what we as an Australian Labor Government are about, getting in there behind what the community needs. We’ve just been talking with Gai and Andrew and Kate about the future of broadband here. Broadband is revolutionising lives as we speak and you just pick up one story after another, it’s inspiring to see the transformation of lives, of medical services, of education services and then for the economy, as small businesses pick it up and do terrific things with it.

So what I get inspired by when I run around Australia is this: it’s just every story which gets put to you about how lives are being transformed by what we, as a progressive government, are doing for the nation at large. And this is the good story, this is good news, of what we are doing for the nation at large. You all know we’ve got a fight on our hands in this election but what I know very much about each and every one of you is that you’re fighters. Each and every one of you are fighters. I’m a fighter, these guys are fighters as well.

But do you know something? We’re fighting for the people of Australia. We’re fighting for their jobs, we’re fighting for their pay and conditions, we’re fighting for their schools, we’re fighting for their hospitals and having delivered the largest single increase in the aged pension in this country’s history, we are definitely fighting for pensioners. The whole point is we are there as progressive government, doing these things in the community, for the community and for the people into the future, a clean energy future. This is so much the aspiration of human kind, that we have, through the agency of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, an ability to drive what’s happening in the renewable energy sector.

What’s the increase in renewable energy numbers that someone was mentioning before?

PUNTER: 30 per cent.

PM: Renewable energy up 30 per cent, seven per cent reduction in emissions from electricity generation from coal-fired stations. This is the pathway to the future. It’s no longer just an idea out there, you start to see all the data unfolding. When we began in office there were about 7,500 I think - I was advised - solar panels on roofs. There are now more than a million. This is all because we are driving a renewable energy future for Australia.

This is the business of progressive politics. This is why you’re all members and supporters of our movement, because it matters. It matters what we do. It matters that we build, the great national institutions. It matters that we build great institutions like the Australian National University. It matters that we have centres of national expertise and these come through the agency of progressive government. These are the things that we do. So folks, in the days ahead, I know, as I look into each of your eyeballs this morning, that I see the spirit of real fighters because this is a cause worth fighting for.

This is a cause worth engaging in every polling booth, every telephone call you make. Every constituent you meet. Every person you have social contact with because not only are we fighters but in this election campaign we can and will prevail and that’s the message of encouragement and inspiration I want to leave you with you today. So get out there and fight, get out there and support these guys. Get out there and work nationwide because the cause of progressive politics is making a difference for this nation and carving us a future in a highly uncertain world.

So, thanks guys for being out today. We’re on about jobs, we’re against cuts, we’re on about building jobs for the future. The other guy’s about cutting jobs for the future. We believe in a positive message for Australia’s future as opposed to cut, cut, cut. And once again I say to all Australians out there today: if you have any doubts whatsoever about what Mr Abbott’s cuts mean for your job, your school, your hospital, your NBN, your clean energy future then don’t vote for him. Thanks for being with us this morning. Let’s keep walking.


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Authorised by G. Wright, Australian Labor, 5/9 Sydney Avenue, Barton, ACT, 2600