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Greens to move for independent costings scorecard

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“What we have seen over the past few weeks is Tony Abbott operating under a Charter of Budget Dishonesty,” Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said.

“The Greens will move to fix this and ensure that politicians are kept honest about their harsh cuts and uncosted spending promises before polling day.

“The whole point of the Charter of Budget Honesty and the Parliamentary Budget Office was to prevent parties making wild promises they knew they couldn’t fund just to win an election. Now Tony Abbott has ripped both up.

“The Greens will move to make the Charter of Budget Honesty compulsory by amending the Charter to direct the Parliamentary Budget Office to cost policies of each political party as they are released during the Caretaker period. The PBO will then release a report with all figures and a statement on the cooperation received from the parties on the Friday before the election to ensure that when voters go into the booth they have all the facts.

“This report will operate like an independent scorecard for voters. Australians will be able to see, before polling day, which party has been the most honest throughout the campaign and the most economically responsible.

“To date, the policy costing scorecard is Greens: 53, Coalition 0.

“The Australian people deserve more honesty from their leaders. You need the Greens to keep them honest.

“The Greens have a fully costed platform which raises the money we need to spend on caring for people. We have released costings on things like expanding Denticare, restoring single parents payments and increasing Newstart allowances.”

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