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Katter calls for war footing on energy

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Katter’s Australian Party is calling for the urgent establishment of the Australian Energy Authority (AEA) to deal with Australia’s looming energy crisis.

KAP has proposed the Authority in the context of non partisan agreement to elevate the long term energy security needs of the nation above party politics in the same spirit of war time parliamentary collaboration. Katter’s Senate Leader, Pete Mailler says the vulnerability of the economy and national security will reach a crisis if serious steps are not taken to address the issue in the next term of government.

“Tony Abbott’s public commitment to abolish the Clean Energy Finance Corporation is reckless and demonstrates his complete ignorance in relation to the energy challenges Australia is facing,” he said.

“Mr Abbott’s actions stand to add at least twenty percent to the wholesale cost of renewable energy projects and significantly set back the long term energy security of the nation by years. He says he wants to keep energy costs down, but this one idiotic policy will increase electricity costs in Australia significantly for years to come.”

Australia’s electricity generation fleet is rapidly approaching the end of its life. With four-to-ten year lead times to bring new generation assets on line, Australia is vulnerable to rising energy costs and increasing supply volatility. Australia needs a national strategy to deliver long term energy security and major infrastructure investment decisions will need to be made in the next term of government to achieve this.

Katter’s team has called for the establishment of an AEA populated with the best energy minds in the country and charged with delivering a robust energy strategy to achieve it. The authority would operate with the same independence from politicians and the electoral cycle as the Reserve Banks does in its execution of monetary policy.

“The energy sector is not just about electricity,” said Pete Mailler. We have serious problems with over commitment of Australian energy resources particularly in the LNG sector. Australian manufacturing is facing a trebling of gas costs as we now move to import parity pricing and physically import gas. This supply crisis is in no small part driving the disastrous roll-out of coal seam gas exploitation, which threatens our priceless ground water supplies and high value agricultural land.”

“The Coalition and Labor aren’t talking about this critical issue. The reality is that energy must be depoliticised to ensure we get the best outcome for the generations of Australians who are not even born yet. I am staggered by the lack of understanding that both the would-be Prime Minister and the would-be Treasurer have displayed in recent weeks as highlighted by their stupidity in relation to the CEFC.”

KAP’s call for an authority to address Australia’s looming energy crisis has received support from experts in the field, including: Garth Heron - Australia Windlab Rob Mailler - Renewable Infrastructure Fund Manager, BeauSol Peter Waterman - Environmental Management Services Chris Dunstan - Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS Jenny Reisz - School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, UNSW

Broadcast quality video comment from these experts - and Peter Mailler - can be downloaded here:

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