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Strengthening community harmony

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Campaign Media Release

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus


Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus QC today announced new funding for two programs to build community resilience and prevent radicalisation.

The Rudd Labor Government is providing $100,000 to the Australian Multicultural Foundation (AMF) for training based on a manual which the AMF developed for Victoria Police.

The Rudd Labor Government is also providing more than $77,000 to the Eelam Tamil Association, Victoria, to provide leadership and empowerment programs for youth who might be susceptible to radicalisation.

Mr Dreyfus said both programs would result in a more informed, resilient community.

“They provide the information, resources and practical strategies to reduce the threat of violent extremism and appropriate avenues to seek help where necessary.

“I congratulate the Australian Multicultural Foundation and the Eelam Tamil Association for these far-sighted initiatives.

“Federal Labor has a strong commitment to strengthening community resilience and supporting associations which work towards a harmonious, tolerant society.”

The AMF’s Community Awareness Training Manual: Building Resilience in the Community is designed to help Australian communities to:

• Build cohesion and resilience to prevent radicalisation and violent extremism.

• Increase awareness and understanding on processes of radicalisation.

• Dispel misconceptions and misinformation regarding counter-terrorism and radicalisation.

The AMF proposes to train 20 people - drawn from its Muslim Youth Leadership and Peer to Peer program alumni, the Australian National Imam's Council and the general community - to deliver the training manual.

The AMF will run an intensive training program in Melbourne which will develop the trainers' knowledge and skills.

The trainers will then deliver training through workshops and information sessions to specific groups that have wide networks in their respective states and territories, including teachers, school principals, religious leaders, community leaders, youth leaders and women's associations.

Eelam Tamil Association’s proposed project, Filling the Gap, will focus on developing community leadership skills, direct networking and empowerment through education, or organising active participation and networking in community sporting and social activities.


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