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Another reckless Kevin Rudd "thought bubble" bursts

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Media Release

Senator Mathias Cormann Shadow Assistant Treasurer Shadow Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation Coalition Campaign Spokesman

Saturday 31st August 2013

Another reckless Kevin Rudd “thought bubble” bursts

Kevin Rudd’s foreign investment thought-bubble has already burst.

Just 36 hours after saying that he was “looking very carefully” at the issue of foreign investment, Kevin Rudd has dramatically back-tracked.

At the People’s Forum held at Rooty Hill RSL on Wednesday evening, Mr Rudd said:

KEVIN RUDD: I am a bit nervous, a bit anxious frankly, about simply an open slather on this. So your question is, what would our policy approach be? I am looking very carefully at how this affects the overall balance of ownership in Australia.


DAVID SPEERS: So what, I'll just pin-down what your policy is on this, to have a look at it if you're re-elected?


The day after those remarkable comments by Mr Rudd, abandoning decades of bipartisan support for foreign investment to develop our economy, a string of senior Ministers including Agriculture Minister Joel Fitzgibbon, Employment Minister Bill Shorten and Finance Minister Penny Wong refused to support Mr Rudd’s new found stance against foreign investment.

Then yesterday on Adelaide 5AA Radio, just 36 hours later, Mr Rudd dramatically dumped his Wednesday night policy shift:

KEVIN RUDD: Well our policy is exactly as the Agriculture Minister outlined which is that we don’t foreshadow any changes to policy...

HOST: You don’t want to change the rules?

KEVIN RUDD: We’re not foreshadowing a change....


KEVIN RUDD: We have no plans to, and I was not the other evening, or since then, foreshadowing a change in the rules as some of you reported.

This week’s farcical policy shifts over foreign investment is yet another example of an increasingly desperate and hysterical Mr Rudd who is not just reckless with the truth, but also reckless with Australia’s economic future.

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