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WA cuts to be rolled out nationally under liberals

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Campaign Media Release

Minister for Education Bill Shorten

WA cuts to be rolled out nationally under liberals

West Australians should be concerned that Tony Abbott will back in Colin Barnett’s cuts to Western Australia’s schools and roll them out across Australia.

Mr Abbott has tried to tell Australians that he is on a unity ticket with Labor when it comes to education

But the only unity ticket Mr Abbott is on is the Liberal cuts unity ticket with Colin Barnett, Adam Giles and Campbell Newman who shamelessly rip funding from schools and jobs from teachers.

These are the same Liberal governments that failed to sign up to billions in extra funding for their schools under the Better Schools Plan.

Western Australians are all too aware of how Liberal school cuts have hurt local schools after the WA Government:  Cut 500 jobs from WA’s education sector  Cut between $150,000 and $300,000 from an average primary school and

cut $700,000 from an average high school  Refused to sign up to Federal Labor’s plan to deliver WA schools an extra $920 million or an average of $860,000 to each school.

This means that WA schools will suffer twice as much if Tony Abbott is elected.

Mr Abbott has confirmed that he will expand the WA Liberals’ independent school model to all other states and territories if elected on September 7.

Tony Abbott has also confirmed that he will only guarantee funding to schools for the next three and a half years which means WA schools would be $570 million worse off compared to Labor’s Better Schools Plan.


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