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Abbott will cut "great" trade training centres

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Campaign Media Release

Minister for Education Bill Shorten


During a rare visit to a school today, Tony Abbott told Penrith Christian School students their Trade Training Centre was “great”:

“You have got a great Trades Training program here, and it’s good that the current Government has provided some support.”

Mr Abbott is right. The Penrith Christian School’s Trade Training Centre is great. So are the other 510 Trade Training Centres Federal Labor is investing in across the nation, benefiting 1,290 schools.

If Mr Abbott thinks they are so great, why does he want to cut funding for the program?

“For example, the Government says it’s not cutting Trade Training Centres, which by the way we said we’d abolish.”


The Federal Labor Government has made significant investments in the Penrith Christian School:  $3.7 million in Trade Training Centre funding for a new automotive building and refurbishments to a workshop and hospitality facility.

 $2.7 million under the Building the Education Revolution.  188 new computers under the National School Secondary School Computer Fund.  Under Federal Labor’s Better Schools Plan, the school stands to benefit

from an extra $3.1 million in public funding for the 2019 school year compared to 2013.

Mr Abbott wants to cut $1.1 billion in funding for the Trade Training Centres in Schools Program.

Mr Abbott promised to scrap the Computer Fund at the last election.

Mr Abbott voted against the Building the Education Revolution.

Mr Abbott’s half-baked schools plan will cut $2.8 billion from NSW schools, which means around $920,000 less on average per school, compared to our Better Schools Plan.

Every time Mr Abbott visits a school, he should be upfront with parents and teachers about what his real plans are for them.

He should tell them how much he will cut from their kids’ school.


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Authorised by G. Wright, Australian Labor Party, 5/9 Sydney Avenue, Barton, ACT, 2600