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Superfast broadband only for the lucky ones, says Coalition

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Campaign Media Release

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Broadband,

Communications and the Digital Economy Anthony Albanese


A senior member of Tony Abbott’s frontbench has admitted that if you are already connected to Federal Labor’s National Broadband Network (NBN) and there is a change of government next month, then count your blessings because you will be amongst “the lucky ones”.

The rest of us, of course, will be left to battle on with last century’s copper technology or have to fork out as much as $5,000 to connect our homes or businesses to superfast fibre - something Australians will get for free under Labor.

Coalition Spokesperson for Regional Communications Luke Hartsuyker let the cat out of the bag during a visit to Geraldton, where the NBN’s fibre network was switched on earlier this year.

Mr Hartsuyker told locals: “Geraldton is one of the lucky ones.”

Mr Abbott and the Coalition just don’t get it.

Access to high-speed, affordable and reliable fibre broadband should not come down to dumb luck.

It shouldn’t be a lottery determined by where you live or how much money you have.

The Rudd Labor Government believes the NBN is an essential utility for the 21st century - like water and electricity.

And only a Rudd Labor Government will continue the NBN fibre roll out across the country, delivering access to the boundless educational, health, lifestyle and commercial opportunities this essential infrastructure makes possible.

Mr Abbott will cut down the NBN, denying millions of Australians access to the world’s best broadband network.

If Mr Abbott and the Coalition win on 7 September, Australians will lose.

Australians face a clear choice: they can vote for the future and fibre under Labor or the past and copper under the Coalition.


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Authorised by G. Wright, Australian Labor Party, 5/9 Sydney Avenue, Barton, ACT, 2600.