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Greens leader visits Pontville Detention Centre

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Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne has just returned from a visit to the Pontville Detention Centre in Hobart, Tasmania. This is what she had to say about meeting the young asylum seekers.

“I was really pleased to see the young children getting on buses and going to school. This is something the Greens have fought long and hard for, and it is good to see it happening,” Senator Milne said.

“But the question Labor has to answer is why are they only getting 200 kids out of Pontville and leaving 1800 kids in detention across the country?

“The children who I spoke with before they went to school all had the same questions - why are we in detention, why are we being locked up and how long are we going to be here?

“One boy said the detainees were going crazy because they didn’t know where they were going to end up or how long they were going to be stuck in detention.

“I called them together and I promised I would do everything I could to continue to pressure Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott to get them all out of detention, not only in Pontville but right around the country.

“In return I asked them to never ever give up hope and I asked them to start chanting after me ‘never ever give up hope’ - and they did.”

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