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Real Rudd or fake Rudd?

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Media Release

Jamie Briggs MP

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Supporting Families Chairman of the Scrutiny of Government Waste Committee

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Real Rudd or fake Rudd?

Is Kevin Rudd real or fake - or a Janus?* Studying his transcripts reveals a person for a different audience.

“I regard you as human beings worthy of dignity and respect.” - Kevin Rudd, Address to Construction Workers, Brisbane, 28 August 2013.

Kevin Rudd is famous for trying on colloquialisms when addressing different audiences, but this morning he was at his brilliant worst in talking down to construction workers he said were “worthy of dignity and respect.”

In just 2,230 words he adopted blokey language 20 times to try to connect with his audience.

“G’day mate, by this mob, it stinks, as a bloke, they’re crook, muck up, little munchkins, this mob, this bloke, whole bunch, billion bucks, it ain’t fair, 22 billion bucks, 22 billion bucks, billionaires to have 75 grand, millionaires and billionaires getting 75 grand, it ain’t fair, hard stuff, this bloke, it ain’t about me.”

Contrast this condescending blokeyness with his language at the launch yesterday of his Navy Taskforce thought bubble.

In 4,700 words he used the only one blokey type word “gotta.”

However when referring to the Coalition’s Paid Parental Leave plan he said: “$75,000 payments for a billionaire” not the “billionaires to have 75 grand” that he uses when talking to construction workers.

This issue goes to character and consistency: talking down to an audience, rude and overbearing behaviours and fakery.

Australians deserve more than a two faced orator as Prime Minister.

Media Contact: David Colmer, 0412 550 946

Janus noun an ancient Roman god of doorways, of beginnings, and of the rising and setting of the sun, usually represented as having one head with two bearded faces back to back, looking in opposite directions.

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