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Greens celebrate National Meals on Wheels Day

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28 August 2013

Greens celebrate National Meals on Wheels Day

"Today is National Meals on Wheels Day, and the Greens are paying tribute to the 80,000 volunteers who help so many Australians each year," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson for families and community services said today.

"Meals on Wheels is one of many organisations around Australia who are integral to helping people in need. Each year Meals on Wheels provides more than 900,000 meals to people in WA.

"The value of the service provided by Meals on Wheels is more than $350 million a year, and without this service, people would go hungry and already stretched organisations would be placed under further pressure.

"Despite being a wealth nation, we rely on our community sector to fill in the gaps left by poor policy making. Across the sector, carers - both paid and unpaid do a significant amount of work to help Australians from all walks of life.

"The Australian Greens strongly support the not-for-profit sector. We're concerned by Tony Abbott's talk of 'big society' and Government attempts to outsource their responsibilities onto the community sector without adequate funding and support being provided.

"We have the track record to prove that we can be trusted to stand up on these important issues, and will not allow the next Government to ignore the needs of the sector.

"We are working hard to on a proactive agenda to help reduce the pressure being placed on community organisations by addressing the cost of living, housing affordability and inadequate levels of income support, especially amongst older Australians, single parents and low income earners. The Greens continue to be closely involved with the aged care reform process, rollout of the NDIS and reform to the not-for-profit sector. Addressing these important issues is vital for helping release the strain being placed on our community sector.

"I congratulate Meals on Wheels for their significant contribution to Australia over the last 60 years," Senator Siewert concluded.