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$25 Million Murray-Darling jobs package - transitioning SA to a stronger future

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Campaign Media Release

Minister for Regional Australia Catherine King

Candidate for Barker Phil Golding


The Rudd Labor Government has announced it will deliver $25 million to support South Australian communities along the Murray-Darling River, helping to build stronger regional economies and ensuring the preservation of the river and ecosystem.

The package will be delivered as part of the Intergovernmental Agreement on Implementing Water Reform in the Murray-Darling Basin and is an initiative to broaden the economic base of river communities.

Minister King said South Australian communities put their trust in Federal Labor to support them through this time of adjustment and that Labor is delivering on its commitment.

“Labor has a plan to make the transition to sustainable future industries. We are investing and providing the support needed for those communities affected by environmental changes, and see great potential in the industries and towns along the Murray Darling,” Minister King said.

Minister King welcomed the South Australian Government’s commitment to the Murray-Darling Agreement, saying that state and federal support was essential to give certainty to those irrigators and industries reliant on the Murray River.

“This funding is in addition to Federal Labor’s $265 million commitment under the South Australian River Murray Sustainability Program, which provides further support to irrigation communities in the Murray through investment in irrigation efficiency, purchasing water entitlements for the environment, irrigation industry assistance and regional economic development,” Minister King said.

“This new river system will sustain a South Australia that will attract more eco-tourism and foster industries which promote productive land use.”

The candidate for Barker Phil Golding said that it was great to see the Rudd Labor Government continuing to invest in regional communities.

“Federal Labor is serious about investing in regional and local communities and helping them to meet future challenges and opportunities.” The projects have been identified subject to due diligence for their ability to improve employment opportunities and stimulate regional growth, in order to assist Basin communities in meeting the challenges of living in a water-constrained environment.

Projects were identified following consultation with the communities and the Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland Inc.

Funding for these initiatives is already included in the budget as part of the Murray-Darling Basin Regional Economic Diversification Program.

A list of projects is attached and more information about the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is available at


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